MPCD-5 - Interstate Audio

This dual CD/USB player keeps up with the demand of DJs who want the classic dual feel combined with the latest technology needed for the modern day digital music era. The Citronic MPCD-5 takes this step by not only allowing traditional CD playback but also MP3 playback from flash memory or external hard drives via the USB ports on either the front or rear. Both sides of the player can read from either USB port making it really easy to access your digital music. With both single and continuous playback, it allows for mixed CDs to play without interruption. You can now easily take control of your music with the touch sensitive jog wheel for scratch or pitch bend effects as well as easy navigation through the tracks and folders. The 19″ rack mountable option allows for fitting in to flight cases or fixed installations.

  • 1 x USB front and 1 x USB rear inputs which can be read by both players simultaneously
  • MP3/WAV compatible from CD or USB (ID3 tags)
  • High quality easy read LCD display
  • Easy-to-use folder and file search
  • Single and continuous play options
  • 2 modes of operation (Vinyl and CD DJ)
  • Interactive touch sensitive jog wheel
  • Seamless loop with fine tune adjustment
  • Instant start (sound is produced immediately when the play button is pressed)
  • Pitch controlled ±4 & 8%
  • Pitch lock function
  • Fader start option
  • Auto/manual tap BPM
  • Anti-shock protection
  • 19″ rack mountable

Order code 170.661

List Price: € 419 ex vat  Sale Price: € 349 ex vat

Power supply 100~240Vac, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 16W
Antishock 10 seconds
USB version 2.0
Max. number of Folders 999 (max.255 files per folder)
Max. number of files max. 999
USB/HDD compatible format FAT 32 (Recommended max 32GB)
Signal to noise ratio CD 126dB
Signal to noise ratio USB 85dB
Frequency response CD 17Hz-20kHz ±-0.4dB
Frequency response USB 17Hz-16kHz ±-0.2dB
Dimensions: Controller 482 x 91.2 x 94mm
Dimensions: CD unit 482 x 267 x 88.8mm
Weight control unit 1.7kg
Weight CD unit 4.6kg