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RDA 20 Dante Audio Networked Enabled Speaker System

First of all, the RDA 20 is an integrated active full frequency speaker with network transmission and pure digital power amplifier. In addition the Dante speaker is powered by PoE/PoE+ network switch, in other words, no external power supply is required. Besides the RDA 20 dante speaker includes a pure digital for Calss D. It can connect a network cable to communicate with the built-in Dante module to realize network audio signal transmission. What’s more, by automatically assigning an IP address through the router DHCP, RDA 20 dante speaker can transmit signals with Dante’s audio matrix in the LAN, and it is easy to set up a full digital network sound reinforcement system. Above all, the RDA 20 dante speaker is suitable for education, hospitals, small and medium-sized conference rooms, home theaters, restaurants, houses of worship and other places.


  • RJ45 connection for audio from PoE/PoE+ Ethernet
  • Automatically assign an IP address through the router DHCP
  • Full frequency speaker integrated with network transmission and pure digital power amplifier
  • With high efficiency and high sound output, excellent sound quality, perfect protection function and good electromagnetic compatibility characteristics

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  • Power supply: standard POE / POE +
  • Supply voltage: 37V-57V
  • Output power: POE 10W / POE + 20W
  • Frequency response (-3dB): 85Hz-17KHz
  • Sound pressure level output (-6dB): 110dB / aes continuous; 113dB / peak
  • Coverage angle: horizontal / vertical 90 ° / 90 °
  • Input jack: RJ45
  • Size: width 132 * depth 160 * height 236
  • Weight: about 2.93kg
  • Accessories: wall bracket

Q: I have connection problems with the software, what should I check?
A: First, check whether UDP Port 39060 is available for the software.
If you don't have a port scanner we recommend you to download TCPView from the Microsoft website.
If another process uses the port, end that process and try again.

Q: UDP Port 39060 is free and I still have connection problems, what should I check now?
A: The software does a scan on the IP range used by your computer based on the computer’s IP. There is no option in the software to tell what network adapter should be used, so if you have multiple network adapters in use please make sure only the adapter you want to use is enabled. If not the software is probably scanning the wrong IP range.