ACX NP4-300 - 4 channel 8 ohms 300W, 2 channel bridge 100V output

The ACX NP4-300 is a high-quality Class D power amplifier developed for the fixed installation market. This series continues our company’s high-end performance Series

Circuit structure, using the company’s independent development of the Multi loop control technology, with excellent technical indicators. High quality, high reliability.

Adaptability and other characteristics. The chassis structure is optimized according to the characteristics of fixed installation, which makes the operation more intuitive and better meets the requirements of small space use. NP4-300 can drive both low impedance and 100 volt speaker systems, 2ch (bridge) 100V output.

Pro Features

  • High energy efficiency ratio, in line with the trend of energy saving and emission reduction
  • Using international high-end manufacturers device, first-class quality
  • Can drive low impedance load (8 Ω/4 Ω) or high impedance distributed load (100 V constant voltage )
  • It can be mixed with low resistance and high resistance systems
  • No output transformer design, better sound quality, higher cost performance
  • Small size, light weight, 1U Rack Space
  • The AC power cord and rack mounting accessories are detachable, which can better adapt to different installation methods
  • The background noise of the amplifier output is small, and the fan noise is small, which meets the requirements of the near field
  • Stereo, parallel, bridge three fixed-Resistance Mode, 100 V fixed-pressure working mode
  • 5.08 Phoenix connector balance input terminal, 10mm fence output terminal
  • Clipping limiter: to prevent the power amplifier output waveform of severe clipping, while maintaining the peak output power
  • Power Control limiter: to prevent the output power of the Power Amplifier from exceeding the range of the speaker
  • Power Amplifier Output DC protection: to prevent the output of the infrasound signal
  • Temperature power control and over-temperature protection
  • Under-voltage protection
  • Rated Power 8Ω/Stereo: 4x300 W
  • Rated Power 4Ω/Stereo: 4x450 W
  • Rated Power 16Ω/Bridge: 2x600 W
  • Rated Power 8Ω/Bridge: 2x900 W
  • Rated Power Constant Pressure: 2x900 W/100 V
  • Input sensitivity: 1 Vrms, 0.7 VRMS selectable
  • THD+N:0.05%
  • IMD-SMPTE: 0.05%
  • DIM30: 0.05%
  • Crosstalk suppression: ≥75 dB
  • Frequency Response: ≤±0. 2db
  • Input impedance: 20kΩ(balance) ,10kΩ(unbalance)
  • Damp Coefficient(8Ω,20Hz-200Hz): ≥1000
  • SNR(A weighted 20Hz-22kHz): ≥100dB
  • Power Requirements: 110 ~ 240vac (± 10%), 50-50 ~ 60Hz
  • Protection: Power undervoltage protection, Power Amplifier Output DC protection, overheating protection, temperature power control, overload power control
  • Size(W×H×D): 480x44x290mm
  • Net Weight: 8kg