XPanel comes to remote control hardware.

When it comes to remote control hardware, it is necessary to provide an easy yet powerful interface for the personnel in charge. XPanel is created with this purpose in mind.  The menu names and control parameters are programmable via our software provided along with the device. As a matter of fact, the XPanel is so flexible that it not only allows the user to define what parameters to be controlled, but the min/max of the parameters’ range.  Working seemlessly with the X-Series processors, it allows the processors to create a control network not only with computers, but also with the XPanels. Multiple  XPanels, processors and computers can exist in the same network. It yields total control to the user with tremendous power and flexibility beyond imagination.

Compatible with Neutrino and X Series processors
32 fully programmable menu’s
Programmable main menu description
2x16 Character LCD display
Up to 63 XPanels in one network
Standard Ethernet CAT-5 interface
Powered by PoE compatible router/switch or 48 VDC, 100mA external power supply

EAN Code: 885799050050

Q: how do i fill out my IP?
A: simultaneously press value up, value down and exit to get into the Xpanel menu