XM-2040 is designed for loudspeaker designers

XM-2040P 2×4 Miniature Modules are designed to provide the simplest and easiest way for loudspeaker designers to concentrate on what they do best: Loudspeaker designs. With the combination of off-the-shelf amplifiers, the designer can take advantage of our superb DSP technology to overcome the crossover challenges. All complex signal processing is done by the XM. Precise parameters can be fine tuned and matched exactly to the specific requirements of the loudspeakers. Presets can be used to perform comparison tests, or retrieved as different settings for different production models. Noise floor is around -115dB which is consistent with the whole Xilica product line.
XM-2040P is Plug and Play for Pascal amplifiers, but can also be connected to other equipment via the supplied multipin cable..

Inputs and Outputs
Input Impedance: >10k Ohms
Output Impedance: 50 Ohms
Maximum Level: +20dBu
Type: Electronically balanced

Audio Performance
Freq Response: +/- 0.1dB (20 to 20kHz)
Dynamic Range: 115dB typ (unweighted)
CMMR: > 60dB (50 to 10kHz)
Crosstalk: < -100dB
Distortion: 0.002% (1kHz @+4dBu)

Digital Audio Performance
Processor: 40-bit floating point
Sampling Rate: 96kHz
Analog Converters: High Performance 24-bit
Propogation Delay: 1.5ms

Front Panel Controls
Level Meters: 4 LED

Audio Input:
3-pin XLR
USB/RS-232: Female DB-9
Ethernet: CAT-5 (optional)

Power: +/-12V/DC
Dimensions: 5.9”x3.2”x1.3” (150x81x33mm)
Weight: 1 lbs / 0.46 kg
EAN Code: 885799050012

Audio Control Parameters
Gain : -40 to +15dB in 0.25dB steps
Polarity: +/-
Delay: Up to 100ms per I/O
Equalizers (8 per I/O):
Type: Parametric, Hi-shelf, Lo-shelf,
Gain: -30 to +15dB in 0.25dB steps
Bandwidth: 0.02 to 2.50 octaves (Q=0.5 to 72)
Crossover Filters (2 Individuals per Output):
Filter Types: Butterworth, Bessel, Linkwitz Riley
Slopes: 6 to 48dB/oct
Threshold: -20 to +20dBu
Attack: 0.3 to 100ms
Release: 2 to 32X the attack time

System Parameters
Configuration: 2or 3-Way

Note: specifications subject to change without notice