XConsole - Interstate Audio

Easy, fast and intuitive to use that’s XConsole our clever Graphic User Interface designed for the X-series processors.
Except for the security locks you are able to modify all parameters and system settings with the front panel control buttons of your X-series processor. On the the processor’s LCD screen you can only see some of the settings at the time. Useful when you want to quickly change some levels or limiters.. If you are planning to make a complete new system setup, we would strongly suggest that you use our latest XConsole GUI.

It offers a clear overview of all the processor settings in a glance and provides you with ultimate total real time “hands on” parameter control. Values can be simply entered and changed by keyboard and/or mouse clicks. You can even “grab” the curves with your mouse and move them around! By Using The SolaroControl Software it is also possible to create a user app for IPhone, IPad, Android and so on…

In XConsole you can set a password and protect the processor for unauthorized parameter or system setting changes with different lock options. You can control up to 16 processors in one network, and you are able to link and copy settings within the device or from 1 device to another. Of course you can store and recall all 30 presets and set and save  all the communication and Link settings. That is useful when you use one PC for different controllers and complex systems with multiple devices.

You can download the XConsole GUI for free and start building your filters offline now……

Next Generation GUI
Compatible with X-series processors
Hands on real time parameter control
Extended Lock Menu
Runs under Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, 8 & 10

The minimum requirements to run XConsole on your computer are as follows:

Windows XP or Vista and service pack nr 1.
1.5GHz processor and 1024Mb internal memory.
Screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels.
To go wireless over Ethernet we advise the Linksys, Netgear routers.

EAN Code: 885799050036