ProDJuser UC 1 - small case for small projector, camera or wireless set

The Universal Case 1 is a small case designed for general use. Size is big enough to hold a small LCD projector, or small camera set- or wireless set, or simply anything you can fit. The size is smaller then a briefcase and so easy to carry with you. Still, despite the price, it’s a professional case and will protect your valuables with ease.

Inside you will find a special type of square foam that can easily be modified by hand or using a sharp knife (be careful with sharp knifes).

Check out these great pro features:

    • Made of 6mm Birch Plywood and finished with a hard black top layer
    • PENN ELCOM™ hardware
    • Single Lock
    • Hinged Lit (fixed)
    • Width 362mm, Height 150mm, Depth 330mm
    • Weight: 4kg

See also the technical documentation for more detailed specs.

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Shipping info: as box.

EAN Code: 807822024227