ProDJuser Stand Case MK2 RS - PENN ELCOM™ hardware

Stand Case MK2 RS, developed for its weight – but still able to holds approximately 12-16 mic stands, depending on type, size and weight.

Check out Stand Case MK2 RS great pro features:

  • Made out 9mm Plywood and finished with a hard black top layer
  • PENN ELCOM™ hardware
  • Butterfly locks
  • Comfortable recessed side handles on both ends
  • Hinged Lit (fixed)
  • Exterior sizes: Length 1204mm, Height 316mm, Depth 310mm
  • Weight approx 14.5Kg

See also the technical documentation for more detailed specs of Stand Case MK2 RS.

Shipping info: as box.

EAN Code: 807822024562

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