SPL 128 reproduces a Detailed- Clean- and yet Powerfull- Sound.

Welcome to the all new designed ProDJuser SPL 128 Professional closed Headphones.
The SPL 128 reproduces a detailed, clean and powerful sound.
It has a really nice fit and the closed-ear, circumaural design minimizes outside noise and offers incredible comfort during long periods of wear.
The mechanical quality is superb, for there are no moving plastic parts that can break and brushed aluminum stirrups guarantee maximum strength.
All this and its very low and friendly price tag, make the SPL 128 the obvious choice for professionals
and the perfect Tool for DJ, Studio, ENG, Broadcast, PA, Post Production and so on.
The SPL 128 is also a great match for your personal/consumer playback device and as a bonus we included an extra short cable for that purpose..

Key Features:

    • Closed Stereo Headphones
    • 50MM Cobalt Magnet Drivers
    • Leatherette Cushions
    • Impedance 32 Ohms +/- 10%
    • Sensitivity 107dB +/-3dB at 1Khz SPL
    • Frequency Response 20 Hz -20Khz
    • Single sided /detachable cable
    • 3.5mm to 6.3mm Stereo Gold Plug
    • Supplied with both 1.1 and 2.1 mtr cables
    • Net weight 440gr
    • Giftbox dimensions 210x180x96mm
    • Optional: spare earpads, cable