S4 F1 - Interstate Audio

Our S4 and S2 range cases (fits MK2 version too) is now extended with the new S4-F1 case. This case is also for the new S4 MK2 (previous model will fit too) but has room for two F1/X1 controllers. It has a detachable front- and rear panel for easy access to the controller button and connections. An added bonus is the laptop surface (same width as the interior dimensions) that will slide gently into its position (lock prevents the sliders moving too far). Velcro ribbons are supplied too, in order to secure your laptop or other devices on the laptop platform. Cables from the laptop to the S4Mk2 can be guided through a pre-drilled opening.

During transport the laptop platform needs to be in his start position, and foam parts are used to secure the S4 and F1/X1’s. A professional Penn spring-loaded handle makes it easy to lift the case while 2 Butterfly locks will secure the lit.

Check out these pro features:

  • Made from 6mm plywood with a hard protective black top-layer
  • Some storage space for cables, PSU, small hard-drives etc.
  • Professional handle and butterfly-locks from PENN ELCOM™
  • Exterior measurements: Width 845mm, Height 196mm, Depth 462mm
  • Weight approx.14Kg

Check out our technical documentation for more detailed specs.

Shipping info: as box

EAN Code: 807822024166

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