Laptop Case - Interstate Audio

Professional case, specifically designed for transporting 13, 15 or even 17inch laptops. Inside the case there is enough foam to support your valuable laptop (including PSU) and even a HDD. Creating an exact fit is easy through the use of Square Foam (foam is pre-cut into squares that can easily be taken out by hand or use of a sharp knife). Inside the lit you will find a storage for documents, passport, traveling papers etc. So if you planning to take your laptop on the road get yourself the ProDJuser laptop case.

Check out these great pro features:

  • Made out 6mm Birch Plywood and finished with a hard black top layer
  • 2 Lockable locks
  • Very comfortable handle
  • Document storage in lit
  • Width 447mm, Height 125mm, Depth 366mm
  • Weight approx 4.5kg

Check our technical documentation for more detailed specs.

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Shipping info: as box.

EAN Code: 807822023442