Foldable Laptop Bracket - ProDJuser

Light and easy to transport stand to easily and stably integrate your laptop, CD player, MIDI controller, FX machine or light controller with your DJ set. The stand is fully collapsible so that it is easy to carry and takes up little space. The Foldable Laptop Bracket is the most versatile laptop stand on the market.

The unique design offers the possibility for 3 configurations.

  • Place it as a table-top above eg the mixer
  • Clamp it to a piece of furniture using the supplied brackets
  • Mount it on the edge of a flight case


  • Provides space for a Laptop and a slim-line DJ-Controller
  • For Laptops from 12 “to 17”
  • Extendable tray for a slim-line DJ-Controller
  • Adjustable angle of 90 or 45 degrees
  • Adjustable height from 24 to 30 cm
  • Anti slip layer