FLI 4-12 is a heavy Duty Professional 4HE 19″ tunnel case

FLI 4-12 RS is a  heavy Duty Professional 4HE 19″ tunnel case, with detachable front/rear lid!
Ideal as playback-, small wireless or recording case.

Check out FLI 4-12 RS great pro features:

    • Made from 9mm Plywood and finished with a hard black top layer
    • Penn Elcom hardware
    • Butterfly locks (2 on each cover)
    • Comfortable recessed side handles
    • Front rack profile punched, rear rail
    • Including 4 rubber feet
    • Width 525mm, Height 216mm, Depth 415mm
    • Weight appox 9kg

Check our technical documentation for more detailed specs about FLI 4-12 RS.

Also available: a wide selection of Drawers, Blind- & Ventilation panels and other easy-to-use hardware.

Shipping info: as box.

EAN Code: 807822024838