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The Flexi Stage concept is designed for anyone who needs a fast and reliable stage rising system. All components are extremely light weighted, but yet capable of supporting a staggering 700Kg per m2 (TUV approved). In just 15-30 minutes a single person is capable of creating a stage of 6-12M2 with just a few simple tools.

The Flexi Stage Riser 20 cm, is fully foldable and specially designed to offer a solid base part for the Flexi Stage Platform 1000x1000x50mm. When fully folded the Stage Riser is just a tiny package of 120x120x492mm – Yes, milimeters and not centimeters! The 200mm and 400mm risers are ideal for presentations, small vocal groups, musicians/bands etc. It gives you just the ‘raise’ you need.

Check out these pro features:

    • FX-1010 size 1000x1000x50mm with Dura Antiskid ‘brownish’ toplayer
    • Easy to lock the FX-1010 stage surfaces together
    • Capable of supporting up to 700Kg/m2 (TUV approved)
    • Stage risers available in 3 different heights: 200mm, 400mm and 600mm
    • Black skirts (length 2.10mtr) also available in 3 heights
    • Weight FX-1010 stage surface approx. 7Kg

Shipping info: as box or pallet

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