The DQ2000 is a 2x 20 bands -15 / + 15 dB digital equalizer in a compact 1he housing.

The 24 bit A / D and D / A converters and a sampling rate of 48 Khz guarantee excellent sound quality and low noise. The inputs and outputs are symmetrical in both Jack and XLR and there is a MIDI connection.

The user can set the frequency and slope (Q factor) per frequency band. There are 30 presets to make and access can be secured with a password.

This makes the DQ2000 particularly suitable for fixed installations. All functions can be controlled real-time on the device itself, but it is also possible to make the settings with the computer with the supplied software and the RS232 connection on the DQ2000.

These settings can be both uploaded and downloaded. However, this does not happen in real time but is super clear.

Sale Price: € 99