ProDJuser DDJ-SX is a professional flight case for on-the-road use

The ProDJuser DDJ SX is a professional flight case for one of the most popular Pioneer products – the DDJ SX Specifically designed for on-the-road use and it will give you years of fun and protection for your valuable DJ products. Despite the price, very much a professional case for professional products and use. A sliding platform to hold a laptop (including velcro straps) is included in the design. DDJ SX is suitable for SX2 and SX3 too.

Check out these pro features:

    • Made from 9mm plywood with a hard protective black top-layer
    • Storage space for cables, hard-drives, a clean t-shirt etc.
    • Professional handle and butterfly-locks from PENN ELCOM™
    • Width 768mm, Height 196mm, Depth 466mm
    • Weight approx. 13Kg

Check out our technical documentation for more detailed specs.

Shipping info: as box

EAN Code: 807822023947

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