ACX D8-TBox is an eight toroidal line transformer unit

The ACX D8-TBox is a line transformer unit, consisting of eight toroidal line transformers, allowing low-impedance power amplifiers to be used for powering large public address audio systems with constant voltage levels of 100 Volt, 70 Volt and 50 Volt.

Each line transformer has a rated power of 120 Watt, with an input impedance selectable between 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm. The secondary side of the transformer has power taps for use in 100 Volt, 70 Volt and 50 Volt audio distribution systems.

The line transformer is housed in a solid 19”rack mounting with a height of two units rack space. The connectors for both in and output are performed using reliable Euro – Terminal blocks.


  • Output Power: 8x120W
  • Output Resistance at 100V: 83.3
  • Output Resistance at 70V: 41.7
  • Output Resistance at 50V: 20.8
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHZ
  • Height of the rack: 2U
  • Dimension: 482x322x88mm
  • Weight : 21kg