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Danish Pro Audio solutions provider Blaze Audio has recently unveiled its series of TCP/IP connected amps.A Blaze PowerZone Connect amplifier is made of up to 600 components that are fine-tuned to provide affordable,versatile and reliable high-performance audio power-offering system installers impressive customization options and class-leading energy efficiency.This series of power amplifers see hardware and software coming together to boost performance for today’s Pro Audio industry professionals.The Blaze PowerZone Connect series are Full Matrix DSP amplifiers. For the system integrator this translates into less hardware needed to drive the system.

The built-in software and its features are conveniently accessed via Wi-Fi-like logging into a router or home modem.The TCP/IP connected amps are conveniently set-up in minutes using a phone,tablet or laptop.The interphase-the PowerZone Control we app-provides the installer with smart dashboards and a palette of configuration options.The benefits for the system integrator are plentiful and the built-in software can be
upgraded for free as new firmware updates are rolled out regularly.

Blaze Audio creates compact amplifiers that pack a big punch by combining proprietary technology and advanced algorithms.The half width,1U format amplifers have available accessories such as rack ears and a half-rack extension plate so it also can be installed into any conventional rack.
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